Monday, February 29, 2016

Craft Room

My craft room has come a long way since I first started crafting … I used to just have a 6 foot table, and it was more than enough. Needless to say, my crafting has really grown.

I took these pictures after Christmas. It took an entire weekend to get it cleaned up after my holiday crafting. Needless to say, it is a mess again.

I have had this new set up for almost a year. My sister took me to IKEA in Chicago the end of April 2015. I am from a small rural community and driving to Chicago petrified me to death. Thankfully, my sister used to live up there and offered to drive. Not to mention it was a great "sister outing". I was on a mission that day and didn't really look around IKEA that much. It was a 3 hour drive (one way), and I wanted to get my stuff and get it home to start putting together.

My craft room is a very small bedroom in our home. Maybe 9' x 13'. All of my shelving is from Menards. I don't have a picture of the other wall, which has my TV, a small section of shelving, my oldest grand-daughters desk, and 18 sets of the Sterilite 13" x 13" 3-drawer sets that contain a lot of my different papers (paper storage).

I really love creating in my room now.

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