Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ribbon Organizer

I had an absolute ribbon mess after making all of my Christmas cards and starting on my Valentine cards. I couldn't find anything, and once I found what I wanted it was all tangled up in knots.

I was complaining about my ribbon mess to my friend Rhonda on Monday, and she showed me what she uses, though she couldn't remember where she bought it (she thought maybe eBay). She then said that Kimberly at My Craft Spot had a cut file on her blog for something similar to what she uses. I, of course, had to go and check it out.

Besides the cut file, Kimberly also has some excellent instructions on her blog on how to do it yourself. You can find her wonderful instructions here. Kimberly cut hers out of cardstock. Knowing myself, I would have those shredded before too long. I had saved several clamshells from my Cricut cartridges and decided to use those instead. I could fit 3 ribbon holders per "sheet" of clamshell material.

Close up of cut clamshell material.

All of my organized ribbon.

Close up of ribbon on hangers.

Thank you Kimberly for the wonderful instructions, and thank you Rhonda for pointing me in that direction!!!

Thanks for looking,

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