Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy John Deere Birthday

My nephew is turning 3. It is hard to believe ... it seems like yesterday that he was born! I love him so much, he is so much like his Dad!! Anyway, he is having a JOHN DEERE party at the bowling alley, it should be fun!

Above is the front (on the right) and back (on the left) of the card. I thought it he would think it was cool to be able to open it all the way up and have a tractor pulling a wagon.

Tractor - Everyday Paper Dolls - cut at 5.71" x 3.97" (cut 3 times, one in black, one in green, and one in yellow/gold)

Rectangle - Gypsy Wandersing - 5.64" x 3.28" (welded to tractor to create card)

Wagon - Paper Doll Dress Up - 6.87" x 9.50" (cut 3 times, one in black, one in green and one in yellow/gold)

Hay Bales - Old West - 2.79" x 1.47"

Dirt - torn brown cardstock

Thanks for looking!

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